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Afghanistan’s Taliban and the Thai Coup

Originally posted on Matt.Owens.Rees; Thailand Writer:

Just finished reading “An Intimate War” by Mike Martin.

There are some interesting and profound parallels between the western war against the Taliban in Afghanistan and the way the political situation in Thailand is influenced by that country’s culture and way of life.

Martin, a career soldier, arrived in Helmand province in 2008, the only officer who spoke Pushtu, the native language. That was two years after the Thai military ousted the elected premier Taksin. The background to that, the cultural background, has not been adequately explained until now. And it is important.

Both countries have cultures and politics that appear strange and complicated to the way we think in the West. Martin gives illustrations that show how the internationally funded command misunderstood and misinterpreted what they were being told by those they had come to help in Afghanistan. Sometimes the western media, and indeed many foreigners living in Thailand…

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#Thailand funeral #traditions and customs. Photos illustrating “End of a Life” – a WordPress blog.

Some Book Reviews and Blog Comments

Originally posted on Matt.Owens.Rees; Thailand Writer:

Unedited reviews from Amazon, Createspace, and Apple


I can’t recommend this book enough. This story is beautiful, absolutely beautiful! This is one of those books that you will want to read in one sitting.
Escape to Thailand will appeal to anyone who has ever experienced divorce, or for anyone who has ever dreamed of starting over.
The main character, Derek, is masterfully written so that you feel each and every doubt, heartache, and pain, along with his surprise and delight in finding love, trust, and acceptance on the other side of the world.
The author has such a strong narrative voice, you will find yourself laughing and crying as he navigates the strange and beautiful culture of the people of Thailand.
I found myself daydreaming about being as brave as Derek, to fly away from it all and begin again, new and unknown.
I will read EVERY book this…

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A fresh attempt at #Democracy in #Thailand?

Originally posted on Matt.Owens.Rees; Thailand Writer:

(Drummond is) not totally sure whether (he agrees) with the sentiments in this statement (below) by the AFDD – another acronym on the battlefield of Bangkok – but it does make sense now the People’s Democratic Reform Committee seem to have achieved their goals of getting rid of the Shinawatras, and decimating the Cabinet.

But of course its not that simple. It will never be simple until government is open to scrutiny, and the crooks are cleared out of all political parties.

As that is not going to happen overnight so people should vote for a government who will make it happen. That means the people should elect a government and that government should introduce new laws which would put severe restrictions on their own behaviour and severe penalties, such as those for treason, for robbing their own country. And that is not going to happen either…………Next!

Assembly for the…

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More pics on #Thailand funeral #customs, illustrating “The End of a Life”

Pics linking to previous WordPress blog “End of a Life”

Cambridge #University #Wine

Originally posted on Matt.Owens.Rees; Thailand Writer:

#Cambridge #University spent 7 million on wine last year; the same amount that they spent on helping disadvantaged students.

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#Thailand’s military government

Matt Owens Rees:

I’ll give a selection of comments received on Wednesday

Originally posted on Matt.Owens.Rees; Thailand Writer:

I give below a copy of an article by Dr John Blaxland which appeared on New Mandala.

I would ask you make up your own mind about the piece and not be influenced by the rather vitriolic comments led by McGregor Marshall. If you read carefully, the criticism takes no account of what Blaxland actually said. Mandala does have a a reputation for bias and putting its own spin on the facts. They don’t blog from Thailand and are out of touch with the majority Thai view of this government.

I won’t comment further until you have had a chance to form your own views.

Southeast Asia has long been part of the developing ‘Third World’, contested by the superpowers particularly during the Cold War. So isn’t Thailand’s latest coup maker, General Prayuth Chan-ocha, just another military dictator like those of years gone by? Not so fast.

We should beware…

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