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Matt Owens is a seasoned travel writer and educator who now lives in Thailand.

Following continuing field research, particularly in the Northern provinces of Thailand, his latest work  “Thailand Take Two” will be available as an e-book in March 2013.

He encourages animated discussion in the lecture theatre as well as at other presentations throughout the country. And the result of these exchanges is a very rich picture of the real Thailand.

Carol Hollinger’s book “‘Mae Pen Rai – Means Never Mind”’ became a classic introduction to the Thai culture. Matt Owens Rees believes she was right to talk of the “mae bhen rai” lay-back attitude as an integral part of a Thai’s thinking and way of living. But he was motivated to go further by showing; from observations, research, and particularly conversations with Thais, that there are many other factors that explain why Thais are so unlike Westerners.

The Asian concept of face; the Buddhist doctrine of no-conflict; the strong family and community values that bind Thais together; the very strict hierarchical structure of society.

Matt Owens Rees invites his readers to observe Thais and Thailand in a fresh way. ‘Thailand Take Two” will encourage all its readers to question the preconceptions they may have of the Land of Smiles.

The blog will hopefully be a means of furthering better communication and understanding between Thais and Westerners. And a forum that all can constructively enjoy.

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