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A Thailand Diary


My apologies that there were no posts last week. There were some technical problems, now resolved.

Next week we will start a more interactive blog post so that we can all share our experiences and comments on Thailand.

The following is a summary of the 112 pages of entry in A Thailand Diary now available on Amazon.

I hope we can follow up on  some of those scenarios next week

Characters in Order of Appearance

January: Talley gets lost. Khun Fon’s advice. Murder most foul. Problems with a brush cutter.

February: The Clochemerle toilet and sad farts in Thailand. Dao graduates from university.

March: Rules at the British consulate and cherries at the tax inspectorate. Somsee keeping an eye on the workers.

April: Dad’s white lie and 100 days after the murder. Catching maleng. Great on toast for breakfast.

May: Family first; friends first. Time, gentlemen, please. Synchronise your watches.

June: English photos, Thai words. Overnight from Bangkok. Getting a Thai driver’s licence.

July: Orange buckets and red balloons. Back to good old Blighty. Fifteen minutes late at the office.

August: Ending up in a ditch. Bancha tries to pull a fast one. Angels directing the bombs in Bangkok?

September: Mana’s young wife goes into the labour ward. Line up for the five stars General.

October: Buying veal and the Victor Meldrew moment. Everyone’s wearing yellow. It must be a Monday.

November: Sticky rice or sticky shit? Small lanterns versus the big airplanes. Get out of my taxi this minute.

December: The King’s birthday and the poisoned dogs. My name is Waterfall, call me Water.

List of All the Diary Entries

About the Author

Glossary of Thai Words

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    • Matt Owens Rees permalink

      Thanks, Cheap Cocktail Dresses.

      All three books are free on Amazon until Sunday, and will very shortly be on Smashwords.

      I hope you enjoy and would love you to post some comments.

      Maybe better to cahnge your name from Cheap Cocktail Dresses though as your initial comment was put in the spam folder by the WordPress moderators. Fortunately I spotted it before it was removed. !!!



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