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20% free sample

28/07/2013 certainly offers a 20% free sample download on all my eBooks.

Barnes & Noble, Apple, Amazon, and Kobo have the books in store and offer samples. Diesel, Sony, Page Foundry and Baker & Taylor Blio should also be stocking.

Take care with as they add $2 to their standard list price. The UK and European branches sell at the correct prices.

Thailand Take 2 *                       $3.99

A Thailand Diary  *                     $2.99

Escape To Thailand                   $2.99

The Thai Way of Meekness     $0.99

Two boxed sets are available:

Boxed Set volume 1, which includes Diary, Escape, and Meekness     at $4.99

Boxed Set volume 2, which contains Take 2, Escape, and Meekness   at $5.99

* These 2 books include a free copy of The Thai Way of Meekness

Enjoy your free sample and if you like what you read I’d be happy if you write a review on the site you download from.

Email me after your review if you would like a free sample of the next work: Thai Godfather.

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