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Expats in Thailand


My title, “Escape to Thailand” described an English expat’s experiences in his early years of emigrating here. It showed how he was trying to fit in to the very different culture of a far eastern country. Though it became clear, fairly early on, that he was misunderstanding how Thais were reacting to him. He seemed to be continually questioning whether he would be able to permanently live in Thailand among Thais. He was putting to one side his daily frustrations rather than tackling them head on and finding solutions. His friends had very different experiences and attitudes but he appeared reluctant to learn from them.

The responses I have had from the book has led me to delve more deeply into the nature of expats who live here. Different nationalities cope in different ways. The Thais themselves certainly appreciate and comment how Americans, Brits, Aussies, and the French, for example, react in dissimilar ways to the need to integrate, or at least live in unfrustrated harmony, in the country in which they have chosen to live.

I am opening this blog up to comments. What do you think of expats in Thailand? Can generalisations be made about particular nationalities? From talking to Thais, I think we can. Although I dislike making sweeping general statements about a whole nationality. Does Thailand attract a certain type of expat? Do expats in other countries look at their adopted country and the people they live among in a more positive way?

I’d like to hear your views. Next week, I’ll post an account describing a French and an American reaction to the same situation involving a Thai.

We can all benefit from a free exchange of views. I want the blog to be useful and informative to everyone. Feel free to have your say. All contributions will be published and I will issue tokens to posters so that they can download my books completely free of charge if they so request.

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