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Family Life in Thailand


Matt.Owens.Rees; Thailand Writer

The Thais are shy and sensitive to comments that they perceive to be critical of their lifestyle and culture. They can interpret innocuous remarks, even if you think they are flattering; as making them lose face. Thai people can be quite reserved with foreigners, the farang. Unless you know them well, and then often only on a one to one basis, they will not be keen to talk to you about their way of life. Transparency is not in their vocabulary.

Living in a gated community and associating for the most part with other expats, those foreigners that do not fully integrate simply do not appreciate that Thai family life is not the same as our own. A minority, through an unawareness of Thai social rules and attitudes, can take extreme positions of loving everything about the Thai or hating everything they do – the Thai apologists and the Thai…

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