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Reform is needed but is this the way.


Reform is needed but Chalerm does not have enough credibility to lead it. And we’re back to the question of who chooses the men to decide on a constitution. A referendum after the event would likely only be a rubber stamp. Change needs to come directly from the people. 


BANGKOK: — A 99-member reform assembly to write a new Constitution in order to resolve political conflicts will soon be proposed to the government for consideration, caretaker Labour Minister Chalerm Yubamrung disclosed Wednesday.

According to Mr Chalerm, 77 members of the reform assembly will be elected to represent 77 provinces with the Election Commission to be tasked with organizing the election. The remaining 22 members will be selected from the academics in various fields.

Once the drafting of the new charter is completed by the assembly, it will be put forward for a referendum by the people after which the parliament will be dissolved and a new general election under a new charter will be staged.

Mr Chalerm said that his proposed reform assembly could be implemented simultaneously with the holding of the February 2 election.

The labour minister went on saying that the February 2 could not be extended and if, after the election, the number of elected MPs is not up to 95 percent of the whole number of MPs as required by the charter, fresh election can be staged within 180 days to get additional MPs to fill up the shortfall so that the parliament can convene and start functioning.

Regarding the “men in black” seen on the rooftop of the Labour Ministry on December 26 as shown in social media, Chalerm denied that they were policemen but they were protesters attempting to use the Labour Ministry to carry out violent incidents.

Source: http://englishnews.t…te-new-charter/


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