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Army activity in Bangkok


This was posted on a Thai blog under the caption “Don’t panic if you see tanks in Bangkok”

Although it is true that the 18th is Thai Armed Forces Day. it would be naive to think this show of strength is anything but a warning to the government of what could happen. 

The government, army and other entities will be playing this game up to the final bell. As one commentator said, “Timing is all” 

This was the blog quote:

“The Thai military have just given advance notice of troop movements in Bangkok next week. Obviously with rumours flying around of the army about to stage a coup they were obviously concerned that the sight of tanks rolling into Bangkok could be misinterpreted.

From 6th to 9th January 2014, troops and armoured vehicles will be moving into Bangkok from Lopburi, Prachin Buri and Saraburi in the north and Rayong and Chonburi in the east. They are coming to Bangkok to take part in rehearsals for Thai Armed Forces Day which is on Saturday 18th January 2014.

The Royal Thai Armed Forces Day is celebrated on 18 January every year to commemorate the victory of King Naresuan the Great in battle against the Vice-King of Burma in 1593. Before 2007 it was held on 25 January every year.”

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