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Message from Thai Prime Minister


The Thai prime minister said today that Thai people should end the political turmoil through the democratic system, adding that it should be done in parallel with other measures including national reform and preparations for rural administration.

She said the country’s problems have become more complicated and could not be solved in one day.

Election may not be the ultimate medicine to instantly resolve all problems but it is the best medicine to end conflicts, she said.

“If we disagree with the method, we won’t have a resolution for the country. After the House dissolution, the government can’t do much to solve economic woes. Public spending which will drive the gross domestic product and domestic economy can’t be executed, affecting the private sector’s future investment,” she said.

Ms Yingluck cited a foreign airline’s cancellation of flights to Thailand and warnings in many countries to their people against visiting the kingdom.

“I beg you to be patient and allow some time to end the deadlock. an election enables people to exercise their rights under the democratic system. If you don’t want the government’s return, you have to fight through an election and change demonstrations into the power of scrutiny. A reform forum should be used to solve issues that need changes, be they transparent polling, vote-buying prevention, elimination of corruption among politicians, civil servants and the private sector,” she said.

“Laws must be amended through the government and parliamentary system in solving these issues. I’m pleased to offer full cooperation.”

Ms Yingluck said she would rather not see a repeat of violence in 2010 or an economic plunge, resulting in excessive debts, increasing crime rate, drug trafficking and unemployment, as well as relocation of foreign investments from Thailand.

“My fellow Thais, let us turn to each other for dialogue. We may think differently but it doesn’t have to be disunity. Don’t let the conflicts pass on to the new generations. Let us change differences of opinions into the power to jointly solve problems and to find a way out for the country.” 


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