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Thai army is politically neutral?


Army spokesman Col Winthai Suwaree said the article by Thaksin’s lawyer’s on his Blog was based on his bias against the Thai Army and could never be regarded as honest criticism.

He said the article was defamatory and filled with groundless and baseless false information ever written by such a person with “narrow-mind” and ” hidden agenda” and evil intention to discredit the army.

The colonel said this lawyer will be considered an “undesirable person” for the country, he said.

Amsterdam wrote in his Blog an article entitled “Life under a Coup – the Thai Army’s Continual Threat to Thai Democracy”, accusing the Thai Army of having a “long and ignoble tradition of stymieing democracy, attacking civilians and meddling in politics.

He also criticized the role of the Army under the current political turmoil, and accused the Army chief of making veiled threats to elected lawmakers and did not help the caretaker government to defend what he called the “political rights of the country’s citizens.”

In response to call by democratically-elected Thai government for help, he said, the Thai Army routinely go missing.

On the Army’s neutral role to the current political crisis, Amsterdam said “Of course, “neutral” in the Thai context, means that you tacitly and explicitly accept anti-democratic forces as a given, natural part of the political discourse. Neutrality in this instance is a non-existent opportunistic chimera created purely to divert a proper analysis of the real conditions within which the Thai Army operate.”

He went on saying “what is clear is that until the Thai Army is brought under lawful, accountable, democratic and civilian control it will act as a force hindering Thailand’s struggling – yet burgeoning – democracy;


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