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Thai soldiers in plain clothes


Lt Gen Weerun Chanthasartkosol, commander of the Army Air Defence Command, said the army chief expressed concern over the ongoing anti-government demonstrations by the People’s Democratic Reform Committee (PDRC).
He instructed army personnel assigned to join police operations to adhere to peaceful means and strictly follow regulations.
Gen Weerun asserted that the army’s presence is not meant to pressure the police, but the army personnel are only police aides under the orders of the Centre for the Administration of Peace and Order (CAPO).
Gen Weerun added that nine companies of soldiers have been deployed to protect key government office buildings including Government House, Government Complex in Chaengwattana district, and Pathumwan intersection.
He said all deployed soldiers have only batons and shields to protect themselves. If any incident occurs in areas where police are not deployed, he said, the soldiers will intervene to handle the situation first.
Meanwhile, Thai News Agency reported that security measures have been tightened at army headquarters in Rachdamnoen Nok Avenue. Soldiers and staff were instructed to wear plainclothes from tomorrow so that they will not be targets of attacks by ill-intended persons. (MCOT online news)


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