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Thailand’s Rice Mountain being sold


Rice now being sold from Thailand’s Rice Mountain but at what price. Essentially this is dumping, though a sound strategy given the present unsettled political situation.  Yingluck’s best move following the decision to nullify the election results. 

The private sector yesterday stated that Thailand is again the number one exporter of rice in the world for the past two months period.

Sumet Laomoraporn, the Senior Executive Managing Director for International Business Affairs for CP Inter Trade, revealed that for the months of January – February of this year, Thailand managed to export a total of 1.5 million tons of rice which is the highest amount in the world.

This number exceeds India which has been able to export only 1 million tons and Vietnam managing to export only 800,000 tons.

The US Agriculture Department predicts that Thailand will become the number one exporter of rice in the world this year and it further projects that Thailand has the potential to export as much as 8.5 million tons of rice.


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