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Escape to Thailand



Names have been changed but Escape to Thailand is basically a biographical account of an English expat’s experiences, frustrations, and hopes on moving permanently to Thailand. It is written from his perspective not mine. Some expats can relate similar experiences; others have widely different observations on their lives here. Not everyone who knows Derek thinks he really understands the Thais. Sometimes he fails to grasp what is really happening around him. It is an inability to realise that the culture in Thai society is very different from his own western way of thinking. He is not alone; many expats think like he does as we shall see.

Following a bitter divorce and a forced early retirement from his job, Derek struggles with making the final decision to leave England for good and settle for the rest of his life in Thailand. We begin to understand the turmoil going on in his head when he realises what he is leaving behind in the land of his birth. We see from his questioning that he is still unsure whether he is doing the right thing or not.

He explains how he felt about some of the cultural differences that awaited him and how he coped with them. He compares them with the very different experiences that some of his expat friends encountered. Culture shock is not the same for everyone.

We see him getting to grips with his new life but is he really settled here? Are there going to be some unpleasant surprises in store for him? Who is wearing the trousers? Derek or his wife Toy? Was he seeing only the acceptable parts of Thai life?
Escape to Thailand is biographical and not judgmental or critical of anyone, though it does draw parallels between Thai – foreigner and Thai – Thai relationships. They are vastly different as the reader may observe towards the closing chapters when the experiences of other farangs (white foreigners), other than Derek, are described.

The book leaves the reader to consider and try to understand the way events were unfolding. The problems of Thai and Western relationships, even if they seem to be surmountable in the short term, are brought out in Derek’s version of his early days in Thailand. We have added explanatory notes in some places in the text.

With many glimpses into the lives of ordinary Thais, the biography becomes a “fly on the wall” experience for the reader. Seeing what the average tourist or visitor rarely sees.

ESCAPE TO THAILAND is published on Apple iTunes, Amazon, Barnes & Noble etc. And available in print format at Createspace.

I hope you enjoy

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