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Living Under a Junta: Thai Coup 2014


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So the dust around the sudden overthrow of the government in Thailand has settled and some things are starting to take shape and become more clear, so I’m going to take some time to lay out what I understand to have happened here in the last two and a half weeks. For some background, on May 22 at 5 p.m. local time General Payuth declared a coup, just two days after establishing martial law. This came out of the lasting conflict between the Democrat Party, led by Suthep who quit his Senate position late last year and began protesting the Puea Thai Party, lead by Yingluck Shinawatra whose brother Thaksin was ousted in the country’s last coup in 2006. After dissolving the lower parliamentary house and calling elections in February,that were declared void by the Constitutional Court which has consistently ruled against Yingluck, she…

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  1. Matt Owens Rees permalink

    I don’t know the detainee numbers any more than you do. I agree your other points Though there was no run on the banks. I withdrew a sum on that day and was given a cheque rather than cash. Deposits flowed into that bank in the next two weeks. The article could not of course include everything about te coup and it is disingenuous to say I MISSED out on facts. So, why for example when you call Suthep a mass murderer do you MISS out the other murders on both sides of the political spectrum. Why are your views one-sided and why do you attack messengers rather than the message. Your posts are informative and you are not the only one on FB that self selects by any means..


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