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My comments on Christine’s blog on the #Thai #Coup


A good piece and I will put it on my blog.

A few points though.
1. Abhisit is the leader of the Democrat party, not Suthep. .He did not openly support Suthep and in fact he commented on the violence. Though clearly Suthep was the mouthpiece of the party.

The 3-finger salute, which as you rightly say has not been banned, has not been very widespread apart from in front of cameras. If you made a V-sign in the UK in a public place you would be at least warned and possibly arrested by police. So, I think that is a little misleading.

The military have started to tackle corruption. For example in Pucket. Senior figures, not of any particular political party , have been removed. That’s been widely reported.

Getting information and facts has never been easy, particularly in Thailand..I suggest, however, that if you talk to a wide circle of Thais, from poor rice farmers to well-heeled businessmen, from PT to Democrat supporters, from academics and professionals to ordinary folk, you will hear a consensus of support for the army, at least for now.

It’s not just the tackling of corruption which was rife in both parties and is a fact of life, not only here but in most countries of the Far East; it is other actions of the military of which most Thais are aware but cannot speak. The consensus being it is for the good of the country and its people.


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