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The Thai Military and western democracy


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Matt.Owens.Rees; Thailand Writer

The foreign media are continuing not to comment in a balanced way on all aspects of the military government’s actions since the coup in May. The emphasis has been on the validity of a coup in a democracy. (the argument that “coups are always bad; democracies always good”)

The acceptance by the majority of Thais that the NCPO is tackling some of the issues of corruption and replacing or moving key officials is not mentioned. The Friday evening broadcasts by General Prayuth, which I admit come across as a little propagandist in places, list by name the officials involved and detail the changes the military are bringing about to reduce corruption and bring in more transparency.

The case of Jack Hansen is a prime example of how the military are intervening in practices which former elected governments – of either political persuasion – did not see fit to involve themselves.

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