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Books on Thailand’s Culture and Lifestyle


Two new books will be released, on pre-order, on 25 December to complete the Matt Owens Rees series of titles on Thailand’s culture and lifestyle.

The prices are guaranteed for those who pre-order.

All books are available on Apple iTunes (iPhone, iPad, iPadtouch, and Mac), Barnes & Noble (Nook), Amazon (Kindle), and Kobo etc

diary cover 2014 whole year

A Thailand Diary – Volume 2 (covering half a year) is priced at $2.99 and A Thailand Diary 1 January – 31 December is sold for $3.99

They will complement the earlier works on Thailand Take Two, The Thai Way of Meekness, and Escape to Thailand.

Thailand Take Two covers in chapter form the main concepts of cultural differences between Thai and western cultures. It is a readable anthropology that provides an accurate overview of Thailand, warts and all. Perhaps unlike a travel guide, it does not ignore the less pleasant or undesirable aspects of life here. In that regard, it is a useful counter to the normal travel books available to those who visit the country. Handy to read in parallel with whatever guidebook you choose.

A Thailand Diary brings out many of the same points but in a lighter form. In its pages, you will be introduced to authentic Thais who will comment in their own words about life in the Land of Smiles.

The Thai Way of Meekness is a summary of an academic text on the difficulties that Christian missionaries found in converting the Thai people. Its relevance is that it described how their failure to make any inroads in conversion was due to a lack of cultural awareness. It is available separately but is included free in each of the other books above.

Escape to Thailand is a biographical account of an expat’s early years in Thailand. It looks too at the lives of other foreigners here, very unlike those who have integrated into other countries.

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The hyperlinks below (hover over link, hit ctrl and click) take you to a site from which you can choose to download from your favourite eBook or print retailer. The page will show, on the right, a list of vendors. Createspace, Apple iBooks,  Nook (Barnes & Noble), Kobo, Scribd, and Page Foundry. Click the one most convenient for you and you can purchase the chosen title or download a FREE sample.

href=”″>  A Thailand Diary 1 January – 31 December   $3.99  A Thailand Diary 1 July – 31 December   $2.99  Thailand Take Two   $3.99  The Thai Way of Meekness   $0.99  Escape to Thailand   $2.99  Boxed Set Volume 1 (13799 & 14037 above)   $4.99


The first two titles are on pre-order, order now pay on release in December. The other titles are available now.

#Free applications can be downloaded from Apple, Amazon, and Barnes & Noble which allow you to read on your own computer if you do not have an eReader.

Happy reading and I hope you enjoy. Comments always welcome.

Matt Owens Rees


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