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The Two Sides of Censorship in #Thailand


New Mandala particularly make one-sided comments. Not good for a university associated site. The UK’s Daily Mail is the only media blocked for biased reporting by the @Thai authorities.

Matt.Owens.Rees; Thailand Writer

The world’s press are having a rough deal. They’re being told what they can and cannot print. Too much regulation and red tape when they are only trying to do a decent job, earn an honest crust, and keep people informed.

Or is it more about selling newsprint and ringing up the cash registers. Is their mission to accurately report both sides of a story? That didn’t seem to be paramount in their minds when the phone-tapping scandal broke in the UK. It seems the same today on their reporting of what’s going on in Thailand.

The foreign media and most bloggers in Thailand are selectively reporting the events post-coup. Talk to a wide range of Thais, from the poorer rice farmers to the well-to-do, from those of both political persuasions (red and yellow). They don’t like coups per se but they accept the sea change that has occurred in…

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