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A fresh attempt at #Democracy in #Thailand?


Matt.Owens.Rees; Thailand Writer

(Drummond is) not totally sure whether (he agrees) with the sentiments in this statement (below) by the AFDD – another acronym on the battlefield of Bangkok – but it does make sense now the People’s Democratic Reform Committee seem to have achieved their goals of getting rid of the Shinawatras, and decimating the Cabinet.

But of course its not that simple. It will never be simple until government is open to scrutiny, and the crooks are cleared out of all political parties.

As that is not going to happen overnight so people should vote for a government who will make it happen. That means the people should elect a government and that government should introduce new laws which would put severe restrictions on their own behaviour and severe penalties, such as those for treason, for robbing their own country. And that is not going to happen either…………Next!

Assembly for the…

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