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Some of the 365 entries of A #Thailand Diary


Some of the Diary entries in A Thailand Diary. Available now or on free sample from all main eRetailers including Apple iTunes, Nook (Barnes and Noble), Amazon Kindle etc

January: Talley gets lost. Khun Fon’s advice. Murder most foul. Problems with a brush cutter.

February: Sad farts in Thailand. Dao graduates from university.

March: Rules at the British consulate and cherries at the tax inspectorate. Somsee keeping an eye on the workers. The Clochemerle toilet and Khun Sompanya.

April: Dad’s white lie and 100 days after the murder. Catching maleng. Great on toast for breakfast.

May: Family first; friends first. Time, gentlemen, please. Synchronise your watches.

June: English photos but Thai words. Overnight from Bangkok. Getting a Thai driver’s licence.

July: Orange buckets and red balloons. Back to good old Blighty. Fifteen minutes late at the office.

August: Ending up in a ditch. Bancha tries to pull a fast one. Angels directing the bombs in Bangkok?

September: Freedom to spit. Line up for the five stars General.

October: Buying veal and the Victor Meldrew moment. Everyone’s wearing yellow. It must be a Monday.

November: Sticky rice or sticky shit? Small lanterns versus the big airplanes.

December: The King’s birthday Daranee and Paiboon may be splitting up.

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