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Upstairs with the monks at a #Thailand “Long Life” ceremony


The “altar”  with Buddha images and photos. The candles are not yet lit. Later, the white cord, the “sai sin‘ will be taken up by the monks and the family so that all are physically connected.  OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA



The sai sin is also woven around other parts of the room as a token that everyone in the room is connected to the monks and share in their blessings.        . OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

Khun Yai’s son-in-law lights the candles. Everyone is quiet and their hands are in the wai position. The ball of sai sin  can be sen on the left.


The sai sin is lowered and the family wind it around their heads. The most solemn part of the ceremony.                                                                                           OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

At this point, everyone is attentive and hands in the full wai position. In the outside garden most of the guests will adopt the wai, though there may be some chatting. Nothing disrespectful.OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

One of the monks reading from a scroll. Refreshments have been placed in  front of them and you can see the white sai sin.                                                        OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA



I have covered similar ceremonies in my books on Thailand and welcome comments and questions on this blog or by email I’d be more than happy to respond.

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