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Markets in #Thailand


Matt.Owens.Rees; Thailand Writer

he busiest times in Thai street markets are early morning and evening. The locals usually arrive by motor bike to buy food: sometimes ready-cooked, sometimes to take home to cook. A typical meal in rural areas is about 40 baht so Thais often purchase a prepared meal – it’s only a few baht more expensive than cooking oneself. And there’s an opportunity to socialise and gossip with neighbours. Maybe that’s the real reason. Thais love to keep up with the latest snippets of local interest.



These pictures were taken when the evening market was opening and it is already crowded around some stalls. A few hours later there’d be twice as many people and a police officer trying to control traffic – not an easy job with bikers coming from all directions and not always on the correct side of the road.

There is a wide variety of fresh meat…

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