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Thailand Houses

18/02/2015 :my improved blog is 90% finished. Fully up and running by 1 March

Matt.Owens.Rees; Thailand Writer

A teak house on stilts. The structure on the right is a sala where you can sit and enjoy the view over the lake. There is a wooden stairway down to the water’s edge.

Construction costs for teak houses are high as there is now a limited supply of teak due to restrictions on harvesting timber from the rain forests.


A less traditional style of house but with the usual wide overhangs on the eaves to protect from the hot rays of the sun. Note the lack of guttering on the roof. A tell-tale sign that this home is owned by a Thai, not a westerner.


A less expensive home, the kind owned by the average middle class Thai


Corrugated or asbestos roofs make the inside rooms hot in the daytime but are the cheapest form of construction. A house favoured by a working class family.


A farmer’s house. His family will…

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